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RDV Transports offers road freight transportation solutions tailored to your needs, covering France, the United Kingdom, and all of Europe. With our expertise and modern fleet, we ensure the efficient and secure delivery of your goods. We assist you with customs formalities, including managing customs duties, simplifying your cross-border trade. Discover all our services to optimize your supply chain and facilitate international trade. Our network includes collaboration with various freight forwarders to enhance service flexibility and reach



We offer transport solutions throughout France.

complete to partial batches for various types of goods in all sectors of France.


We offer full truckload transportation solutions to transport your goods directly from shipper to recipient safely, quickly and reliably.


For smaller volumes, we offer groupage transport solutions to offer you attractive prices with flexibility and efficiency.


With our turnkey solution, your transport needs are taken care of from A to Z by our teams.


We do everything we can to load your goods punctually.


We transport your goods to our secure warehouses.

Our facilities are equipped to handle a wide variety of products, including hazardous materials and perishable goods.


The delivery of your goods is carried out punctually and reliably.


We offer tailor-made delivery solutions to meet each customer's specific requirements.






Our administrative agents support you throughout the customs clearance process so that your goods can be cleared according to regulations.





Rely on RDV and its expertise in freight transport

Located in the Hauts de France, RDV Transports leverages its expertise in freight transport and freight forwarding to ensure the safety and punctuality of your deliveries. Our experienced team assesses your business needs and provides customized solutions for both full and partial loads. We maintain transparent communication throughout the journey, keeping you informed of your shipment's progress. Trust RDV Transports to optimize your logistics operations and manage your goods efficiently.

Multimodal transport solutions

At RDV Transports, we offer multimodal transport solutions to optimize the delivery of your goods between France, England, and Europe. By combining road, rail, and maritime transport, we provide a flexible and efficient service tailored to your needs. This approach helps reduce costs, improve delivery times, and minimize the carbon footprint of your shipments. Our logistics experts coordinate each step of the process, ensuring smooth transitions between different transport modes.

Freight forwarding services and transport between France and Great Britain

As part of our transport services, RDV Transports specializes in freight transport between France and Great Britain. We ensure the optimal management of your goods, considering specific regulations and the unique requirements of cross-Channel transport. In collaboration with various shipping companies and a freight forwarder, our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge guarantee the efficient and secure delivery services of your goods to their destination. Among the missions of freight forwarding companies, we ensure comprehensive logistics solutions to meet your specific requirements. We handle various types of cargo, including pallet delivery, bulk goods, and hazardous materials, to meet diverse customer needs. Thus, whatever your request, we are ready to offer you a tailored solution.

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